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When you choose Rhino Linings & Truck Accessories, you can be confident that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Our Rhino Linings can be fitted to truck beds of any size, make, and model, and we also offer window tinting services to protect your vehicle interior and give you a polished look. We stock many other truck accessories, too, such as B&W Goosenecks, Ranch Hand and Road Armor grill guards, lift kits, truck tool boxes, bumper replacements, and more.

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Window Tinting

Many people choose window tinting to give their car or truck a more customized style. In addition to a clean, polished look, window tinting also provides protection to the vehicle’s interior. In the summer heat of Abilene, TX, window tinting protects your leather seats from harmful UV sun rays.

While there are many “do-it-yourself kits” on the market, we do NOT recommend attempting to install window tints yourself. Even if these kits are installed correctly (and they’re usually not), they do not last long before cracking or falling off. The process requires significant knowledge, detail, and care—all of which have been mastered by our professionals. When you bring your car or truck for window tinting at Rhino Linings & Truck Accessories, you can trust that it will look great the first time!

For more information about window tinting, contact us today! We can answer your questions or schedule an appointment for your vehicle.